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A few quotes from copyright owners and publishers about CCLI:

Hillsongs Australia supports the work of CCLI because it provides churches with a cost effective and lawful way to have access to so many powerful Christian worship songs from all over the world. It is a ministry to the greater body that relieves it of the complications and headaches associated with copyright law.”
Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Sydney

As a publisher, it gives me great pleasure to recommend to churches the ministry of Christian Copyright Licencing. CCLI has a strong commitment to serve the churches and protect the interests of songwriters. Through the blanket Licencing programme, they offer a fair and equitable solution to church Licencing.”
David Garratt, founder of Scripture in Song and New Sound Publishing

“I would like you to know how much I appreciate all you do to make CCLI the better servant of the local church. I am most grateful to you and all at CCLI for the work and care this represents on my behalf.
Timothy Dudley Smith, hymnwriter

Churches all over the UK now have the benefit of a simple ‘one stop’ solution to most of their copyright problems with the added benefit of knowing that most of the revenue generated goes into Christian Ministry.
Graham Kendrick, Songwriter

Just a note to say thanks for sending to New Jerusalem Music royalties collected from churches using my songs, especially Our God Reigns and City, O City. These checks always arrive at just the right time. CCLI has helped put three of my five children through college. The other two will also finish. When the churches send in their royalty payments I hope they realise they are supporting songwriters who are real people with real bills much like their own! Thank you again!
Lenny Smith, Songwriter

CCLI is not a music industry business. It is a service to the Church. It is not in the business of creating or tracking radio hit songs. Think of it, they track the worship songs we sing in church. This gives them a distinct lack of pretension and a great sympathy for worship leaders, pastors and the entire Christian community. I find this refreshing.
Bob Kilpatrick, Songwriter

Thank you very much for your cheque … we are all delighted that the scheme is expanding so well. “
Sally Lyons, Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Being involved in Christian music is a costly affair, in both time and money, and we are so grateful to all the churches who faithfully support the Licence scheme and are thereby helping to ease our burden as we seek to serve the Lord and them with our gifts.”
David Evans, Songwriter

We at Lindsay Music know that most people in education want to do the right thing and would wish to stay on the right side of the law concerning copyright matters. We would be the first to admit that this field is highly complicated, but membership of CCLI takes all the worry out of Copy. Simply by checking that a publisher is a member and then entering the appropriate details on the returns ensures that legal and moral obligations are fulfilled and everyone is happy.”
Carole Lindsay Douglas, Lindsay Music
(publisher of children’s songs used in UK schools)