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If you’ve written a song (words or music) then you are by definition a copyright owner unless you give this right to someone on your behalf.

Our aim at CCLI is to ensure that you are rewarded fairly for your creativity in a professional way. Read about what songwriters and publishers say about CCLI.

Have you registered all of your songs with CCLI?

The new SongSearch site lists all of the songs registered with CCLI.  If you cannot find song(s) which you believe you have already registered with CCLI, please contact us.

If you have additional songs which you have not yet registered with CCLI, please register them now.

Not registered?

Not sure if you should register with CCLI as a Copyright Owner?

CCLI distributes earnings based on the reported use of copyright owners’ works. In order for you to benefit from registering with CCLI, your works should be widely used in churches and/or schools.

CCLI does not provide any ‘copyright protection’ or ‘copyright’ your works (find more information on protecting your work here).

If you want to register with CCLI as a copyright owner, you need to provide written agreement by signing one or more Owner Agreements. These agreements permit European churches and schools who have purchased specific CCLI licence(s) to reproduce your works for worship purposes only. These agreements are non-exclusive and you retain all rights to your works.

If you would like more information please contact CCLI’s European Copyright Department.